Launching of The Spherical Cow


Here it is, I finally managed to publish this website online! I have been feeling the need to write about a lot of things for such a long time now, probably because it clarifies and calms my mind, and because I discovered that I am quite enjoying the process of writing itself. But mostly, the reason is that I have the –probably delusional– feeling that I need to say something to the world.

This feeling grew more and more on me in the past two years, as I could no longer live with the tranquil thought of acceptance regarding what was, and still is being pushed on us, and –I won’t lie about the selfish nature of this action–, on me, by an always more powerful ruling “√©lite”. In fact, I am not sure about what drives me mad the most: the helpless witnessing of absurdities, or the fact that no one else seems to care.

Please read the “About”

Here you’ll learn why it is named “The Spherical Cow”, and what really drove my to do it. Sneak peek: If you “identify” (god I hate this word now) as a member of any political party, you’re in the wrong place. You already lost the game by playing the one it is expected from you to play.

Some words about organization

For now, I decided to organize the content of this website in two categories:

  • The news about me and the website, and maybe actual ongoing events that I feel the need to comment. As I plan to actually have a comment section, this will hopefully give you, my readers, the opportunity to share your insights as well! I am quite interested in knowing what public the content I will publish here will attract.
  • The articles will be about some more organized thoughts about some topics I judge of importance to evolve in this world. As I suspect the latter may be updated to reflect my change of perspective on them, I don’t know yet if I will implement a comment section here two. I need to find a way to provide a versioning.

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